Polish Military Contingent EUFOR/MTT
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According to political and military decisions Polish Military Contingent EUFOR realizing stabilization tasks in Bosnia and Herzegovina finished its activity on 30 November 2010. On 1 December Polish Military Contingent EUFOR/MTT (Mobile Training Teams), consisting of four MTT and two Observation-Liaison Teams started fulfilling advisory-training tasks. Moreover the Poles are also serving in EUFOR HQ and in European Military Police Unit.

At the moment VI rotation of PMC EUFOR/MTT is deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina, commanded by Lt. Col. Jarosław Jalowski. PMC EUFOR/MTT numbers almost 50 soldiers. 

 Main tasks of PMC EUFOR/MTT:

– training and building military capabilities of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina;

– monitoring the security situation;

– cooperation with representatives of local authorities, public institutions and non-governmental organizations in area of responsibility.







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