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The main tasks of the PMC EUMAM RCA are as follows:

1) To pursue tasks, within the context of the approved mandate of the RCA EUMAM, as expected by the heads of organizational structures and the  Mission Commander;

2)  Interaction, on behalf of the MHQ, with representatives of the military authorities the RCA and other actors and institutions in the theater, including MINUSCA, EUDEL, SANGARIS command operations and humanitarian organizations;

3) Assessing and defining the possible support of the European Union for the RCA in terms of security and the process of preparation for SSR;

4) The support of complex analysis and adjusting current structures of the RCA military, in terms of entrusted obligations within the scope of the MHQ;

5) Supporting the Ministry of Defense with advice in defining the future form of functioning of the Armed Forces, as well as in the preparation for implementing  accepted changes;

6) To support the Department of Defense and the Chiefs of Staff in preparation for the streamlining of decision-making procedures as well as document flow;

7) Supporting the Department of Defense of RCA in its preparation for transforming FACA forces and developing a road map, taking under consideration the necessary intermediate steps needed allowing for the implementation of the SSR project.

8) Presenting various studies and offering advice on behalf of EUDEL concerning military and security issues and the principles of compliance with the law.

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