Origins and Tasks
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The NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016 was one of the most important event in the recent history of the North Atlantic Alliance. It showed the unity, cohesion and solidarity of all its Members. Warsaw Summit sealed decisions. Those decisions enhance security on the eastern flank of the Alliance by deploying multinational forces there.. They will increase the ability of the NATO to immediately response to emerging threats.

The decision to start creating the tailored Forward Presence (tFP) was one of the most important achievements of the NATO Summit in Warsaw. It is aimed at increasing the defense and deterrence potential of NATO in the southern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance.

By srengthening Romania's security, we strengthen the security of NATO's eastern and southern flanks and the entire North Atlantic Alliance. All actions of both the Alliance and its individual member states are defensive and deterrent. They are the result of NATO's adaptation to current security challenges.

Poland is also a "provider" of security, and not just its Beneficient. As part of the initiative to strengthen the Eastern Flank, Poland is the only country that hosts a battlegroup on its territory and simultanously contributes to the NATO units stationed in Romania.

Poland declared deployment to Romania of the military unit as part of NATO's tailored Forward Presence on rotational basis. The plans of the Alliance in this respect envisage the use of the potential of a multinational brigade, created on the basis of the Romanian brigade and the headquarters of the Multinational Division South-East.


PMC Romania stays in subordination to the multinational battlegroup which is a part of the Romanian 2nd Infantry Brigade and in terms of national chain of command will be subordinated to the Polish Minister of National Defense, through the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces Services.

Contingent consisting of 230 troops mainly from the 17th Mechanized Brigade from Międzyrzecz. and supplemented by specialists from other military units and institutions (mostly the 10th Logistics Brigade and the 11th Signal Battalion).

PMC Romania will equipped with fourteen Armored Wheeled Vehicle - Rosomak, as well as equipment supporting their functioning in the area of exercises.

PMC’s Romania main task is joint training under the auspices of the Multinational Division Southeast. The PKW Romania began its activity in July 2017.

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