25 V 2017
We are NATO. An Alliance of like-minded countries. Securing peace for almost 70 years.
17 V 2017
Professor Nakamura visited WAT
An interview with Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura and Under-Secretary of State Wojciech Fałkowski
06 IV 2017
NATO troops arrive in Poland
American, British and Romanian troops have arrived in Poland, beginning a new deployment as a NATO battlegroup. They set off from Germany at ...
27 III 2017
US-led battlegroup deploys to Poland
A US-led battlegroup including troops from Romania and the United Kingdom has begun deployment to Poland. The move will see around 1,000 troops ...
13 III 2017
Romania sends troops to Poland ...
The 205th Air Defence Battalion from Romania is deploying 100 personnel abroad for the first time on a NATO deployment. They’re set to ...
07 II 2017
US Iron Brigade arrives in ...
The United States deploys heavy armour to Poland, their NATO Ally, as part of Atlantic Resolve 2017.
03 II 2017
@hqmncne Campaign Video
Team of Multinational Corps Northeast (MNC NE): Lieutenant General Manfred Hofmann, Commander (COM); Brigadier General Krzysztof Król, Deputy Commander (DCOM); Brigadier General Per ...
03 II 2017
NATO eFP answered
Beginning in 2017, enhanced Forward Presence is a defence and deterrence posture that brings multinational battalion-sized battle groups into Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and ...
31 I 2017
Speech by Lieutenant General Bena ...
Speech by Lieutenant General Bena Hodges - the Commander in Chief of United States Army Europe