16 I 2019

Military international cooperation serves global security

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- When discussing international military cooperation, it is impossible not to mention the attaché accredited in the Republic of Poland. Your determination and professionalism are an indispensable component of the relations between our countries. Thank you for your efforts - wrote Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defence, in a letter to attache accredited in Poland.
zdjęcie - Military international cooperation serves global security

Secretary of State Marek Łapiński, on behalf of the head of the Defence Ministry, took part at the annual meeting of the Military Diplomatic Corps, which took place at the headquarters of the Department of Military Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of National Defence on January 16 this year in Warsaw.

The meeting organized by the Ministry of Defence aims to strengthen the relations between the attaché and the leadership of the ministry, as well as to sum up the activities in the framework of international military cooperation in the past year.

- We feel responsibility for security on a global scale. We are glad that the ongoing discussion on increasing the presence of US troops in Poland is one of the key items in our cooperation. Increasing this presence will bring benefits to all allies, reinforcing security throughout the eastern flank - the head of the Defence Ministry wrote in a letter addressed to the participants of the meeting.

Minister Mariusz Błaszczak also invited the representatives of the Military Diplomatic Corps to participate in the International Defence Industry Exhibition, which will take place in the second half of the year, with the leading country the United States of America..

On behalf of the military diplomats, the Navy Captain Roman Lukas, the defence attaché of Estonia and dean of the Military Diplomatic Corps in Poland spoke:

- Last year was for Poles a centennial of regaining their independence. It showed us the involvement of Poles in activities aimed at strengthening security in many places around the world, together with the soldiers whom we attaché represent here today. (...) We are watching changes in the Polish Army and we hope that you will succeed in these changes. Thank you to the leadership of the Ministry of National Defence and the Polish Armed Forces for your actions – said Navy Captain Lukas.

Summing up the meeting, the deputy minister Marek Łapiński said:

- Thank you for the work of the military attache, who every day give proof of friendship to the Polish army and Polish soldier. Thanks to your work, we strengthen bilateral relations, together we create a safe defence and a safe world, thank you for that. I wish you all that our cooperation lead to the security of our homelands and the world.




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