09 IX 2018

Defence Minister Błaszczak decided to create a new mechanized division

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- I decided to create a new division of the Polish Army, whose command will be located in Siedlce. The commander of the new, 18th Mechanized Division will be Brigadier General Jarosław Gromadziński - announced Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense during a meeting with soldiers in Siedlce.

zdjęcie - Defence Minister Błaszczak decided to create a new mechanized division

The new division will consist of three brigades: the 1st Armored Brigade, the 21 Brigade of Podhale Rifles and a new brigade to be created soon.

On Sunday, the head of the Ministry of National Defence participated in the ceremonies inaugurating the celebration of the Army Day, where he announced the creation of the 18th Mechanized Division, whose command will be stationed in Siedlce.

The 18th Mechanized Division will meet all NATO standards and will be ready to be used as part of the allied reinforcement. However, its primary task will be to defend the territory of the Republic of Poland. Speaking about the security situation and about the tasks of the Polish Army, the Minister pointed out that the creation of the fourth division is an activity strengthening the eastern flank and results from the operational need.


The head of the Defence Ministry noted in his statement that the creation of the new division is a complex process. One of the activities that are to support the process is a new regulation on recruitment conditions prepared by Minister Błaszczak. Soon, a nationwide information campaign aimed at candidates for the army will start.

- The year 2018 will be recorded in the history of the Polish Army and the history of the city of Siedlce. This is the year in which we focus our efforts on making the Polish Army more numerous, equipped with modern equipment and deeper embedded in NATO structures. These are the triggers of modernization process and subsequent contracts, like signing a contract for Patriot batteries and negotiations for a very large contract for the army - said the head of the Defence Ministry.

- In 2018, we refer to events that took place 98 years ago, to the victorious war with the Bolsheviks, to the Battle of Warsaw. Within the troops of these times, the 18th Infantry Division, later known as the Iron Division, stood out. The appointment of General Gromadziński is on September 17, and this is not a random date. We are all aware of what happened on September 17, 1939 - the minister explained the number of the new unit.

Meeting with soldiers in Siedlce was also an opportunity to thank for their professional service. During the ceremony, the minister awarded soldiers with the medal "Armed Forces in the Service of the Fatherland".

Brigadier General Jarosław Gromadziński and the Mayor of Siedlce signed a Letter of Intent announcing good cooperation between the 18th Mechanized Division and the city of Siedlce.



This year, the inauguration of the Army Day in Siedlce was accompanied by a military picnic. Guests could see military equipment from the 1st Armored Brigade, the 15th Mechanized Brigade and the 11th Artillery Regiment, including Leopard 2A5 tank, APC Rosomak and Krab self-propelled howitzer.

The ceremony, which took place in Siedlce, was attended by Deputy Minister Tomasz Zdzikot, Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, Lieutenant General Rajmund Andrzejczak and other representatives of the Defence Ministry.

Before the celebrations in the General W. Sikorski Square, the Holy Mass was celebrated in the Siedlce Cathedral for soldiers, army employees and their families. The head of the Ministry of National Defense and the commanding staff participated in the service.



During his visit to Siedlce, Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense, laid flowers in front of the monument of President Lech Kaczyński and the monument of Marshal Józef Piłsudski.


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