09 VIII 2018

EUFOR command in Bosnia and Herzegovina appreciates the service of Poles

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- The Polish Army Day is the best opportunity to thank the soldiers for their service, give decorations and distinctions as an expression of appreciation for their professionalism and effort during their service, especially on missions - said Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense during the parade with Polish soldiers serving in  Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of the approaching Polish Army Day.
zdjęcie - EUFOR command in Bosnia and Herzegovina appreciates the service of Poles

On Wednesday 8th August 2018, Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense and Brigadier General Tadeusz Mikutel, deputy Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, visited Camp Butmir to meet EUFOR staff and Polish soldiers serving as part of the EUFOR ALTHEA mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Minister Błaszczak was greeted by the EUFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Gabor Horvath, he inspected the Honour Guard before meeting all the Branch Chiefs of EUFOR.

- I talked today with the command of the EU mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I heard very good opinions about the Polish Military Contingent. It is the result of professionalism and commitment of Polish soldiers - said the minister.

On the occasion of the Polish Army Day, the Minister handed the distinctions to distinguished soldiers. As Minister Błaszczak pointed out in the speech, the Polish Army holiday outside the country, has a special dimension on duty. - I am here to express respect for your service, for your sacrifice. You are fulfilling a mission undertaken in the name of Poland. Thank you that you have decided to make such an important decision. (...) Being here for 26 years and fulfilling your service perfectly, you are the ambassadors of Poland. Poland is perceived, also thanks to the army, as a country that provides assistance - said the minister.


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The EUFOR ALTHEA mission is to train and build military capabilities of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Armed Forces and to monitor the security situation. The Polish Military Contingent EUFOR ALTHEA counts 39 soldiers. Currently, the XV rotation of PMC EUFOR ALTHEA is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Tomasz Adamczyk.

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