12 VII 2018

Poland's position on the international arena is growing

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The North Atlantic Alliance confirmed this course of action, which was given in Warsaw in 2016, so strengthening NATO defense capabilities. We care especially about the NATO’s eastern flank. We have been pointed many times in the group of leaders who spend 2% of GDP on defense  - said Mariusz Błaszczak, the minister of national defense, summing up the two-day NATO summit in Brussels.
zdjęcie - Poland's position on the international arena is growing

On 11 - 12 July, the NATO Summit was held at the NATO NATO Headquarters with the participation of presidents, ministers of defense and foreign affairs.
To focus attention to some of the most important provisions of the NATO Summit we see the Readiness Initiative – the “Four Thirties”- that Poland joined to – said minister - It is a program that will be run when the crisis situation occurs .The readiness initiative is a process, so as we understand that as thought out and coordinated operations but not hasty actions.
Minister Mariusz Błaszczak talked about the development of cooperation with the heads of defense ministries, including from France, Romania, Estonia, Slovakia, Latvia, as well as General Scaparrotti and US secretary of defense James Mattis.
On Thursday, the head of the Ministry of National Defense also participated in the meeting of Andrzej Duda the President of the Republic of Poland with Petro Poroshenko the President of Ukraine.
Defense spending was one of the main topics of the NATO Summit. Poland spends 2% of GDP on defense, and according to the declarationsadopted, the defense budget will amount to 2.5% of GDP by 2030.
President Donald Trump spoke about this both in public and among the leaders of states. We are a country that is a model when it comes to commitment to defense. The position of Poland on the international stage is growing stronger because we are credible that we are active - said head of Polish MOD.
Minister Błaszczak was also asked about the modernization of the army. He answered that the priority is that the Polish Army should be armed with the most modern weapon and have appropriate capabilities so that they can participate in missions within NATO.
The Polish Army will have more troops. These are the activities that are now taking place and aim to ensure security for Poland -  said minister.
On Thursday, a cooperation agreement of the Land Battle Decisive Munition (LBDM) was signed.
On the second day of the NATO Summit the head of the Polish MOD participated in a working session together with representatives of Georgia and Ukraine.


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