08 I 2019

Poles provide security for other nations

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- We, Poles contribute to making Bosnia and Herzegovina a country where people can live in normal, peaceful conditions - said Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defence during a meeting with soldiers of the Polish Military Contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

zdjęcie - Poles provide security for other nations

The head of the Ministry of National Defense visited the Butmir base, where he met the commanders of the EUFOR ALTHEA mission and of the Polish Military Contingent. The meeting was also attended by a delegation of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Polish government. 

The head of the Ministry of Defense stressed that the role of soldiers of the Polish Military Contingent is extremely important in the context of Polish international cooperation.

- Your service here in Bosnia and Herzegovina proves that we - Poland - are not only happy with the security guarantees that the North Atlantic Alliance and the EU gives us, but we also ensure the security of other nations - said the Defence Minister.

M. Błaszczak reminded that Poland through participation in such missions proves to be a solidary and active ally. He also stressed that Poland's activity, solidarity and dedication are building international relations and are proof of the sustainability of partner relations within the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union.

The head of the Ministry of National Defence gave the Polish soldiers thanks for the service from the international commanders of the mission:

- I talked about military cooperation and the tasks facing the Polish Military Contingent with the commander of the multinational forces EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina with General Martin Dorfer and with the NATO forces in this country commander General M. Bissell. Commanders greatly value the service of Polish soldiers. Those were very nice words. I felt proud that Polish soldiers were marked this way - said the minister.

Defence Minister M. Błaszczak handed the soldiers bronze medals for the Merits to National Defence. Soldiers also received commemorative medals and congratulatory letters awarded by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.



Currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the XVI rotation of Polish Military Contingent EUFOR ALTHEA serve soldiers of the 8th Koszalin Air Defence Regiment. The commander of the change is Lieutenant Colonel Jarosław Bondalski.

Operation ALTHEA was launched in December 2004 and is the largest land operation of the European Union.

Polish Military Contingent in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the European Union forces EUFOR implements an advisory and training mission to build selected combat capabilities of the BiH Armed Forces in accordance with NATO and EU standards and to monitor compliance with international agreements and treaties in the assigned area of responsibility.

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