29 X 2018

Poles support the permanent presence of US troops in our country

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More than half of Poles support the efforts of the Polish government to establish a permanent base of US troops in our country and claim that the presence of bases will increase the level of security - according to the latest research ordered by the Ministry of National Defense.
zdjęcie - Poles support the permanent presence of US troops in our country

On the question "Are you for the creation of a permanent base of US troops in Poland" 55 percent of the respondents answered positively. Only 27 percent of us is against the creation of bases. A similar percentage of Poles (56 percent) supports the efforts of the Polish government to establish a permanent base of US troops in our country.

The Ministry of National Defense consistently strives to increase the involvement of NATO and US forces in Poland. The issue of the US armed forces in our country is a permanent element of the political -military dialogue with the US administration, as Mariusz Blaszczak, the minister of national defense, repeatedly said.

This year, Minister Blaszczak talked at the Pentagon about the permanent presence of US troops with Secretary of Defense James Mattis. During the last visit to the US, the head of the Ministry of National Defense met with senator J. Inhof acting chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, with W. Thornberry, chairman of the Armed Forces Committee of the House of Representatives and with Christopher Smith, one of the signatories of the Congressmen's letter to the Secretary of Defense of the United States in support of the proposal for a permanent US military presence in Poland. Next week, the head of the Ministry of Defense will meet with John Bolton, the US National Security Advisor.

The actions of Minister Blaszczak positively influence Polish-US relations. 66 percent of us claim that relationships are good or very good. Only 14 percent recognized that Polish-US relations are bad. In addition, over half of Poles (55%) say that relations between our country and the US have improved over the past 12 months.

According to Minister Mariusz Błaszczak continued engagement on the part of the US, including increasing of their resources on Polish territory, would be a breakthrough in the field of European security and transatlantic relations. This would be an effective deterrent and would provide the basis for the US strategic involvement in the currently unstable European security environment.

These opinions are also shared by Poles. 56 percent of the respondents recognized that the constant presence of US troops in our country would increase the level of security. The opposite opinion was only 4 percent of Poles.


The survey was carried out by Kantar Polska S. A. the poll was carried out from 12th to 17th October 2018 on a representative sample of 1067 adult Poles. Interviews with respondents were carried out by means of face-to-face computer-assisted interview (CAPI) by qualified interviewers

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