13 IX 2018

Polish general commands the MNCNE

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- Multinational Corps North - East has already marked its presence on the map of European security. General Wojciechowski, who today takes over his duties as the Corps Commander is a distinguished officer of the Polish Army, and his experience, skills and commanding talents guarantee that the tasks posed to him today will be fulfilled - said Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense during the ceremony of change of command in the Multinational Corps North - East.

zdjęcie - Polish general commands the MNCNE

On Wednesday in Szczecin, the Commander of the Corps, German Lieutenant General Manfred Hofmann, handed over the duties to Polish Lieutenant General Sławomir Wojciechowski.

The head of the Defense Ministry drew attention to the role of the Corps in today's security system:

 - Over the last years, the undoubted success of the Corps was to achieve NATO's readiness standard. This is undoubtedly a distinction for the Corps. This is also proof of the professionalism of the commanders, the professionalism of all those soldiers who serve in Szczecin on a daily basis - said the head of the Defense Ministry.

Minister M. Błaszczak during the ceremony thanked General Hofmann for his service and distinguished the leaving commander with the Gold Medal of the Polish Army.



The Headquarters of the Multinational Corps North-East in Szczecin is the highest NATO command in the east of the Alliance, with particular emphasis on the Baltic Sea region. It is currently monitoring the security situation in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia and Hungary.

Since June 2017, it has been operating as a High Readiness Forces Command. This means that it is responsible for all units and NATO ground forces located on the eastern flank, starting with NATO Force Integration Units and ending with multinational battalion size battle groups deployed in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia within the so-called "enhanced Forward Presence".

In addition, the Corps is ready to command both: units already stationed on the eastern flank, as well as elements of the NATO Response Force (including the so-called NATO spearhead VJTF), and thus take over responsibility for conducting all Alliance land based operations in the Baltic Sea.

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