05 II 2019

The National Defence Ministry creates the cyberspace defence forces

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- I have just signed the decision appointing Colonel Molenda for the position of plenipotentiary for the creation of cyberspace defence forces. He is a man to whom I have set specific tasks related to counteracting threats in cyberspace. Today’s event shows that Poland is becoming more and more secure. It shows our consistency in the fact that Poles can feel safe - said Minister Mariusz Błaszczak during the conference entitled "Cyber.mil.pl - Integration and development of the cyber security system of the Ministry of National Defence.
zdjęcie - The National Defence Ministry creates the cyberspace defence forces

On Tuesday, the head of the Ministry of National Defence presented the concept of construction of cyberspace defence forces and a package of activities related to the development of the defence in the field of cyber security.

Speaking about the need to build new capabilities of the Armed Forces in the area of cyberspace, the head of the Ministry of Defence reminded that this task was among others made during the NATO Summit in Warsaw, when the North Atlantic Alliance defined the cyber sphere as the domain of military operations.

- To achieve safety, we must be consistent. We must take action to achieve this goal. Last year, I set up a team whose task was to prepare a concept for strengthening the Polish Armed Forces in the context of cyber threats. Today is the time to implement the team’s conclusions. Today is the time to implement cyber plans - Minister Blaszczak said during the conference.

While discussing system changes in the area of cyber security, the minister informed that the new structure will be based on the National Center for Cryptology and the Inspectorate of Computer Science.

According to the plans, the defence ministry is already enriching the educational offer this year. The limits for admission to military studies will be increased. This year, at the Military University of Technology, an IT high school will be created, and as part of the development process of the NCO's corps, the Non-Commissioned Officers IT and Communication School will be formed in Zegrze. Military University of Technology together with foreign partners launches MBA postgraduate studies in the field of cyber security. This year, the Academic Legion program has been extended with a cyber security component.

Minister Błaszczak drew attention to the large involvement in the project of Territorial Defence Forces, where a cyber component will be created.

- I am full of appreciation for those people who join the Territorial Defence Forces. They devote part of their free time to be trained, to react in a crisis situation in professional manner and defend Poland.

Following the example of the American National Guard, a cyber component will be created in the Territorial Defense Forces already in 2019. The offer will be addressed to people who want to pursue a professional career on the civil market and are ready to take up the service for the security of Poles in cyberspace.

Tomasz Zdzikot, secretary of state at the Ministry of National Defence, who was present at the conference, reminded that the Ministry of National Defence is one of the pillars on which our country's security is based.

- In 2018, the Act on the National Cyber Security System came into force. This law states that the Polish cyber security system is based on three pillars: one of them is the Ministry of National Defence, responsible jointly with the Internal Security Agency and the Ministry of Digital Affairs operating the NASK agency for running three national teams responding to computer incidents. And the MoND performs these tasks. According to the Act and also to the Act on Government Administration Departments, we are responsible for security in the cyberspace in the military area, we are responsible for capacity building, for expanding the capabilities of armed forces in the entire spectrum of activities in cyberspace - said the deputy minister.

- What we propose today, what we are talking about today is the consolidation of resources, their better use and development of potential, which is in the Ministry of National Defence. It is extremely important that the experts responsible for the security of networks and systems function together with all those responsible for contracting and maintaining current systems and services, about which security should be taken care of - emphasized Deputy Minister Zdzikot.

The deputy minister reminded that the ministry recently undertook activities aimed at increasing the limits of training of specialists in the field of cyber security, both in civil and military faculties. Speaking about the prospects of service and work in the structures responsible for cybersecurity, the Secretary of State noted that the Ministry of National Defence and the Armed Forces need people who want to guard security in cyberspace both as civilians, as privates, as non-commissioned officers, as officers.

- We have an offer for everyone, we are open to experts in all specialties - added the deputy minister.

As part of the conference, there were also two expert panels devoted to cybersecurity issues, in which representatives of, among others, NATO Counterintelligence Center, Military Counter-Intelligence Service, National Center for Cryptology, General Staff of the Polish Army, military schools and Territorial Defense Forces participated.


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