15 II 2019

The US presence in Poland is the security of the entire eastern flank

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- Increasing the US military presence in Poland will be important for the whole eastern flank of NATO. If necessary, the Pentagon will get more time to provide Congress with an assessment of this matter - said Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak after meeting with the acting US Secretary of Defence, Patrick Shanahan.
zdjęcie - The US presence in Poland is the security of the entire eastern flank

The Minister of National Defence participated on 15 and 16 February at the Munich Security Conference.

- I have had a fruitful meeting today in Munich with the acting Secretary of Defence of the United States on strengthening the presence of US troops in Poland. Everything is going in the right direction. We are like a marathon runner who runs on a 35th km of the route. We already know that we will achieve good time and we will finish the race with success, but there is a lot of effort still - Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak wrote after the meeting on Twitter.

The head of the National Defence Ministry stressed that together with the American side we focus on accomplishing the good project and achieving mutual success. The Minister emphasized that reaching agreement would be a success of Poland and ensuring the security of the eastern flank.

As the minister said, this position is also shared by Estonia's Defence Minister, Juri Luik, with whom the head of the Ministry of National Defence also spoke in Munich on security in the region of Eastern Europe.

The head of the Ministry of Defence reminded that the Pentagon is to submit to the US Congress by March an assessment of the legitimacy of increasing the number of soldiers in Poland and said:

- Today after talking to Patrick Shanahan I found out that these are approximate dates. If more time is needed to prepare a good project, then this time will be found - said Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

As part of the Munich Security Conference, the head of the Ministry of National Defence, on Saturday, February 16, will also conduct bilateral talks with counterparts from Canada and Finland.

He will also meet with US Senator Jim Inhofe and take part in a working breakfast, at the invitation of former US Secretary of Defence William Cohen, currently secretary of the advisory body Cohen Group. It will be dedicated to threats to European security from Russia, the situation in the Middle East and the challenges for NATO in 2019.




Inaugurated in 1963, annual meetings of representatives of the world of politics, security, international organizations, the world of science and economy are a prestigious forum for the exchange of opinions gathering leaders and key decision makers from around the world. In this year's edition of the Munich Security Conference, more than 500 participants, 40 heads of states and governments and over one hundred ministers take part.

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