NATO Summit
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The NATO Summit is a meeting attended by the most important body of NATO—The North Atlantic Council, represented by the various heads of state and governments of member countries. NATO Summits are milestones in the decision-making process of the Alliance. In the past, the summits have been a vehicle for the introduction of new policies and strategies, the extension of invitations to new Member States, the initiation of critical strategic initiatives, and the building of partnerships with non-NATO countries.
Photo of NATO Headquarters in Brussels

Meetings are held every several months, each time in a different Member State. So far, 27 NATO summits have been held. The decision of all Member States in 2016, pointed to Poland for hosting the recent NATO Summit.

On 8–9 July 2016, the leaders of 28 NATO Member States arrived in Warsaw, as well as almost 40 representatives from partner countries along with leaders of partner organizations, such as the United Nations and the European Union. The venture hosted more than 2,500 delegates and 1,500 media representatives.

NATO is the most successful alliance in history and the most powerful one in the world. It brings together members from 28 European and North America countries. The basis for its operation is the principle: “one for all and all for one.” It follows that an attack on any one Member is considered an attack on the whole Alliance. This fact has effectively deterred all potential aggressors.

Since the accession of Poland to NATO in 1999, our country has obtained a security guarantee. Membership in the Alliance has led to an increase in the position and importance of Poland in the world. Polish Armed Forces are compatible with the armies of its Allies, and our contribution to and involvement in the activities of the Alliance has resulted in our being perceived as a proven and reliable partner.

This year (2016), leaders of all member countries met in the capital of our country. The NATO Summit in Warsaw became the place where key decisions were taken on policy and future Alliance activity, which must meet today's challenges, such as, among others, the conflict in Ukraine or the migration crisis.

Thanks to decisions made by the Member States’ delegations and partner countries the Warsaw Summit is considered “universal, decisive and current.” These three words describe the mutual pursuit of all those, who together represent the strength of the Alliance. This common goal and the expansion and improvement of national defense capabilities of each of the Allied State Members became a safety guarantee for each of the NATO members, regardless of their geographical location.

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