Military Police
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Fot. S. Guzowska/KGŻW

The main tasks of the Military Police

In August, 2001 the Sejm of the Republic of Poland passed the Act on Military Police and Military Law Enforcement Bodies which regulates in detail the competences, main tasks, responsibilities and powers of the Military Police within the Polish Armed Forces. On the basis of the Act, the Act related legal references concerning the performance of the tasks by the Military Police (directives and orders) and agreements, both departamental and those concerning the cooperation of the Military Police with other law enforcement bodies were enacted.

In accordance with the art. 3 of the Act, the Military Police is entitled to perform the authority over:

Military soldiers not in active service while wearing military uniforms and insignia;

Military personel in active service;

Employees of the military units:
 – concerning their behaviour at workplace,
 – concerning the commitment of an unlawful and punishable acts;

Persons remaining in the area or in the buildings of military character;

Other persons subordinated to military tribunals judicature;

Non military persons if they cooperate with those stated above in commiting an unlawful and punishable act or threatening the military discipline, lives and health of the soldiers or military property;

Foreign armed forces soldiers remaining on the territory of the Republic of Poland as well as their civilian personnel  if their stay is connected with the service duties.

The tasks of Military Police are specified in art. 4 of the Act:

Enforcement of military discipline;

Protection of lives and health of people and military property of attempts;

Uncovering crimes and offences, including tax offences, commited by persons subjected to Military Gendarmerie as well as uncovering and persecuting their perpetrators, securing the evidence of such crimes/offences;

Analysing the statements of means of military personnel and presenting their results and outcome to the Minister of National Defence;

Prevention of crimes and offences committed by the persons subjected to Military Gendarmerie and other pathological behaviours, especially: alcohol and drugs abuse within the Armed Forces;

Cooperation with national and foreign law enforcement agencies concerning security, public order and military police forces;

Elimination of natural disasters and environmental threats results as well as active participation in search, rescue and humanitarian operations to protect lives, health and property;

Other tasks as stipulated by law.

Protection of public order in the area of military installations and in public places;

The Military Police fulfils its tasks through the following:

Control and enforcement of military discipline and public order;

Intervention in cases of violation of military discipline and public order;

Gathering information on law and order in the Armed Forces for the appropriate bodies as well as suggesting the ways of preventing crimes and disciplinary offences committing;

Performing the criminal-intelligence tasks;

Performing the trial proceedings according to the range and rules stated in the regulations concerning the Penal Code and Tax Code;

Searching the crimes and offences perpetrators and missing soldiers but also lost weaponry, ammunition, explosive devices, other military property and restricted documents;

Securing the crime scene and evidence and preparing expert opinions and forensics analyses;

Performing traffic control and convoy duties as stated in the appropriate Highway Code regulations;

Checking the soldiers’ entitlements to wear the uniforms and military insignia, weapons and military equipment and staying out of the military areas and units;

Checking the soldiers’ entitlements to wear the uniforms and military insignia in compliance with the regulations on insignia and uniforms wearing;

Convoying people, documents and military property;

Assistance in utive proceedings in compliance with the regulations on Civil Code and utive procedings in administration;

Forced taking a suspect according to the Penal Code, Tax Code, utive and Civil Code regulations;

Common participation in the enforcement of law and order during mass events in the military areas and buildings in compliance with the regulations on securing mass events;

Performing the tasks of judiciary police in military tribunals and military prosecution sections;

Control of military property protection, especially concerning the storage of weaponry and eqipment.

Website of Military Police:

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