Territorial Defence Forces
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Territorial Defence Forces (TDF) (pol. Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej – WOT) are the fifth single service in the Polish Armed Forces next to Land Forces, Air Force, Navy and Special Operations Forces. TDF are an integral part of Poland’s defence and deterrence potential.

Their capabilities respond to the current threats which must be addressed by Poland and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Territorial Defence Forces showcase social responsibility for the common and priceless value - security. TDF consist of professional soldiers and part-time soldiers – volunteers, who join military service in order to enhance national defence capabilities and protect their local communities.    

By creating Territorial Defence Forces Poland increased the national ability to defend the country from any attack by any potential aggressor which is in line with the NATO standards for building own defence capabilities of the Alliance member nations (NATO Treaty Art. 3).

TDF complement national deterrence capabilities, not substituting any of the Polish Armed Forces capabilities.

Main tasks of the Territorial Defence Forces are in line with Polish Armed Forces missions described in the National Defence Strategy, and therefore include:

- presenting deterrence posture,

-  conducting military operations within the Strategic Defence Operation, in order to repel enemy aggression,

-  coordinating and executing crisis management activities with other parts of national security system i.e. Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Ministry of Defense (MOD) agencies, in order to protect and support local communities,

-  providing and coordinating Host Nation Support (HNS), in order to enable efficient reception and staging of Alliance elements in Poland,

-  conducting counter hybrid and asymmetric warfare,

-  promoting among the Polish society patriotic values and education.

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