Warsaw Garrison Command
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Fot. st. chor. K.Kaczmarz/DGW

Warsaw Garrison Command is the continuation of the Provisioning Unit Group Command of the Ministry of National Defence established in 1967.

In 1995 on the basis of the Provisioning Unit Group Command of the Ministry of National Defence, the Warsaw Garrison Command was established in charge of the reorganized aforementioned military units and representative units.


Warsaw Garrison Command is designed for comprehensive ensuring of functioning of the Minister of National Defence Office and garrison's military units as well as carrying out representative functions during military and national celebrations.

Tasks of the Warsaw Garrison Command:

– Planning, organization and realization of all enterprises connected with provisioning for the National Defence Ministry institutions as well as the Warsaw garrison units;

– Ensuring efficient functioning of communications systems for the purposes of the MOD organizational units on the premises of the Warsaw garrison;

– Providing the MOD institution and military units in technical and other resources;

– Protection of military and national events on the premises of the garrison;

– Protection of the MOD facilities on the garrison premises;

– Supervision of observance of discipline and military order in the garrison in cooperation with the Military Police of the Warsaw Garrison.

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